Finding the right moisturiser for your skin


Your skin, and the way that you take care of it, is something that can really have a huge effect on the way that you look and feel, and with this being the case you will need to make sure that you are always using the right moisturiser for the job. If your oval makeup brush is poised ready to give you a great look, you need to make sure that your skin is prepared. This blog will tell you exactly how to choose the right moisturiser, and this means that all of your makeup brushes oval shaped will be able to do just the job that you were hoping for.

Check the first few ingredients in the list

There are a few ingredients that should be avoided, such as petroleum, as there is a chance that they might cause an allergic reaction once applied. Things such as glycerine are less likely to cause a reaction, and this means that your skin may be better suited to these types of ingredients. If there are a huge amount of ingredients then this means that there are more things that your skin could potentially react to – so the simpler, the better.


Try to find one with sun protection

The sun can have huge negative effects on your skin, and for this reason you should try to buy a moisturiser that has an SPF added to it if possible. This means that your skin would then be protected against all of the sun’s rays, and you are therefore less likely to get burned, or to suffer other types of sun damage in the future.

Choose the right blend for your skin type

We all have different types of skin, and for this reason we need to make absolutely sure that the moisturiser that you use is the right type for your skin. If you’re not sure what type of skin you have, it might be worth visiting a dermatologist, or even a beauty station in a shop, as they will almost certainly be able to tell you what type you are – and this means that you will then be able to target your purchases much better.

Use retinol at night time

Retinol is a type of Vitamin A that can help your skin to repair itself, and this is great as it can keep your skin in great condition. However, you should make sure that you use it carefully, as some people might find that it can irritate their skin, leaving them with red patches that take a while to fade away.

Having skin that is correctly moisturised can make a huge difference when it comes to the way that it looks and feels in the long term. Taking the time to choose your ideal moisturiser is a great investment into your skin, and you should be able to make a huge difference in the way that your skin looks once you have been able to get into a great routine with it.


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