Which medicines can you use instead of Phentermine??


Introduction to the Phentermine:

Phentermine is a drug, which can be purchased on prescription from a doctor. This steroid is generally prescribed to the individuals, who are obese or severely overweight. The individuals weighing more than 30 pounds are considered as obese. A number of individuals have tried to lose weight by using traditional weight lose program, i.e. with dieting and exercise, but have failed. This steroid is very expensive, this is because; most of the individuals turn for alternatives.

There are a number of medicines that you can use instead of Phen and is prescribed to the individuals, who want to lose moderate weight. In order to ensure safety and effectiveness of this steroid, the individuals need to compare it with real Phentermine. Phentermine is known by different brand names including Adipex-P, Suprenza or Adipex. Also, Qsymia is referred to as schedule IV controlled substances. This steroid is prescribed by the doctors at the time of obesity or for losing weight.

According to the drug enforcement agency, the Phentermine is considered as a controlled substance. This steroid is known as a psychostimulant and acts as an appetite suppressant because of its influence on the central nervous system. This has been considered as a controlled substance because of its potential to get abused by the users. Phen belongs to the drug class of the anorexiants as well as the stimulants of the central nervous system. The Adipex is a prescription only drug and is intended for short term use by the individuals.

Although there are a number of alternatives available for the Phentermine, but the question by the users is can he get a steroid equivalent to the Phentermine? The answer is yes. The individuals can get numerous alternatives as well as substitute products of Phentermine. Some of the alternatives available with the products include:

  • Phenblue
  • Phen 375
  • Trim Thin
  • Phentramin D
  • FenFast 375

The working of these products depends on the manufacturer, ingredients and the brand. Also, these products can be purchased without any prescription. The individuals must make a detailed study on the ingredients of the alternative products before purchasing them. Some of these alternatives or substitutes have been designed in such a way that they suppress the appetite of the individuals. The individuals must understand the behavior as well as the potential side effects of the ingredients of the products, which are to be bought.

There are a number of medicines that you can use instead of Phen have some common ingredients to over the counter Phentermine at different pharmacies include Synephrine, caffeine, Yohimbe, etc. Some other products may contain a few additional ingredients including chromium picolinate, cayenne, calcium carbonate, etc. the individuals must keep in mind that none of the alternatives or the substitutes for weight loss are designed to work by themselves. None of them will work without increased exercise and a reduced calorie diet, eating behavioural modification and the changes in the lifestyle, etc. the Phentermine available over the counters is not similar to the one purchased with prescription.




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