The All-time Bond between Steroids and Bodybuilders


Most steroids are considered illegal for any kind of non-medical purposes. Most professional association of sports abandons the usage of such steroids.But inspite of this, many athletes still use these performance enhancing drugs to help them build lean muscles, gain power, strength, and minimize the recovery time. This tradition had started a few decades ago. Some noteworthy sportsmen have also been caught for using steroids, but still, they don’t refrain from taking the risk due to the benefits they get.Most of these athletes have an idea that they would not attain the success without the support of steroids.

Steroid cycles

Continuous usage of anabolic steroids is never considered safe. But if you take them as per the recommended dosage and cycle then you can check the harmful side effects to a great extent. Steroids were never prescribed for any non-medical purpose, so athletes used to follow the trial and error method to decide a safe dosage. But now, with time a lot of clinical studies have proved that when the athletic use of anabolic steroids is sensible,they are known to reap huge benefits. Ideally, a 6to 12 weeks cycle is recommended. Oral steroids are known to act fast and give quick results but should never be taken for a longer duration. For this reason, sportsmen prefer to take these oral steroids for about a month and then shift to the injectable form which needs some time to show the effect.

Start with the lowest dosage

Lower the dosage of steroid you go for, lesser are the chances of side effects. By a low dose, it indicates a dosage of anabolic steroid that gives you the desired result. Sometimes, it has been seen that inexperienced users of anabolic steroids have an idea that the more they increase the dosage of steroid the faster they can attain the results. But this is not true, along with the required dose of steroids following a proper healthy diet and exercising is also a must to get the maximum benefit. As a beginner, you can start the first week of your cycle with about 500 mg steroid weekly. In the second week, increase it to 700mg and then to 1000mg in the third week. For the initial cycles, it is advised that you stick to the low dosage.

Benefits for an athlete

Anabolic steroids are known to enhance the body’s protein synthesis capacity. They also help you to do away with the extra body fatwhich in turn helps in the weight management plan of athletes.The decrease in fat cells automatically increases the basal metabolic rate (BMR) of the body which helps you as an athlete to maintain the ideal height-weight ratio. The other benefits enjoyed by athletes are an improvement in the stamina, leaner physique, more muscle mass, aboost in the production of red blood cells and reduction in the recovery time. But the athletic use of anabolic steroids should not exceed the prescribed dosage and recommended cycle to ensure that they get the maximum benefit without facing any kind of side effects.


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