Maternity Leave in California


There is good news for a person residing in California who is going to be a parent in the upcoming months. A law has been passed regarding the Maternity leave in the California state. It is essential to have knowledge about the family leave laws. Knowing about the rights can actually make the first weeks of the baby to go smoothly. Actually, a new born needs the affection of his parents all the time. He really needs attention at the initial stage of life. This article will highlight some of the rules regarding the maternity leave.

Rules regarding Paid family leave

California is considered as the best state for working woman who are expecting. From the year 2004, the Paid Family Leave law is facilitating working moms. However, there are certain requirements which are needed to fulfill in order to qualify for the Paid Family Leave. These requirements are listed below:

  • That woman should be the resident of California.
  • She must have contributed to the State Disability Insurance.
  • She must assure that she needs a leave due to pregnancy or to spend some time with the new born.
  • The leave which a pregnant woman is demanding must be taken within a year of the child birth.

Pregnancy Disability Leave Law of California

A working woman might face many complications while pregnancy. The Pregnancy Disability Leave Law has been passed to facilitate such women. However, it is only applicable when certain requirements are fulfilled. These requirements include the pregnancy related concerns which are listed below:

  • Severe morning or motion sickness
  • Prenatal care is needed
  • Bed rest ordered by a physician
  • Childbirth
  • Recovery from childbirth.

Maternity Leave in California has benefitted not only the working woman but also the entire state. A large number of women are contributing in different fields that were initially only restricted to home because of such parental issues.


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