What Should You Look For When Trying To Find DNA Testing Facilities

dna molecule in test tube

find DNA testing facilities easily. Identify your options from the many DNA testing companies that offer quality DNA testing services and then select the company that meets your DNA testing needs.

Here’s a quick guide for you to find the best DNA testing facility.

The DNA Testing Company Must Have Experience

A company with experience in the field of DNA testing has an edge over a new one. The former can provide a smooth sailing technical support during the entire testing process. Since it has already handled different cases before, the testing process will be a lot easier.

The DNA Testing Company Must Have a Properly Accredited Laboratory

The level of accreditation of a laboratory is a measure of its technical competency. Therefore, you should select a laboratory that has the highest level of international accreditation. By doing such, you are assured to be given the quality service that you are looking for in a reputable DNA testing company.

In selecting a laboratory, you should ask for its certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Look for ISO 17025 as it is the global standard for the technical competence of calibration and testing labs.

For paternity or maternity tests, you should select a laboratory that is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

The DNA Testing Company Should Ensure Privacy and Confidentiality

All results must be kept private and confidential. Results can be given via email or by postal mail in a plain unmarked envelope. Handling of DNA results over the phone is prohibited since it may result to breach of confidentiality.

The DNA Kit Should Contain Everything You Need for Sample Collection

The kit should be easy-to-use and should contain all the materials needed for the sample collection.

There Should be a Timely Delivery of the DNA Kit

This is to facilitate an efficient and effective DNA testing process.

A good example is a DNA Kit that is shipped within 24 hours from the time of its order and is received within 2 business days. The samples are then returned immediately to the DNA testing company.

There Must be Accuracy in the Results

“Conclusive results” differ from one company to another since companies have different sets of standards. For example, in most paternity tests, there is at least 99.99% probability that the alleged father is not the biological father or 100% certainty that the father is considered the biological father.

While in other cases, it will only be considered as conclusive if there is 100% exclusion or that the alleged father is not the father or with an inclusion of 99.99%+ depending on whether the mother participates or not.

Location of the Laboratory is an Important Factor

Find DNA testing facilities that are near to your location or select a company that has a large network of sampling sites in order to save time and to minimize travel expenses.

Customer Service is an Essential Company Tool

A reputable company should see to it that the needs of its clients are properly attended to. It should have a published telephone number in order to establish clear communication between clients and the company.

If you are going for a DNA test, you need to find DNA testing facilities that you can afford and trust. Let us guide you at www.dnatesting.co.


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