Natural Remedies for Facial Hair Growth |Tips

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Beard is a sign of masculinity for men, so usually, a man, who has fully grown beard and mustache, is very proud of the same. That is precisely the reason why many people look for ways and means to grow beard naturally and faster.

How to grow a beard faster naturally?

1) Exfoliating the skin, once in a week, helps to get rid of dead cells and that stimulates hair growth.

2) Having a clean skin helps in growth of hair, so washing the skin two times a day with lukewarm water and a face cleanser can be of great help too.

3) Eucalyptus is known for promoting beard growth. So, a moisturizer that contains Eucalyptus as its main content can be used for massaging on the face.

4) Good amount of rest is key for repairing the skin cells that are damaged. So a good night’s sleep can promote facial hair growth.

5) Vit A, Vit B, Vit C and Vit E should be a part of the regular diet as these vitamins are known for enhancing the speed of facial hair growth.

6) There should be a check on the ingrown hairs because the even growth of beard is hampered if there are too many ingrown hairs on the face.

7) Meditation and yoga have always been recommended by experts as a mode to manage stress and be relaxed, so for faster and better results, these should be practiced on a regular basis.

8) Good amount of protein intake can also help in the quicker growth of beard. Nuts, eggs, fish and meat have the necessary protein for the same.

9) Once in a while, a facial massage should be done as it stimulates the growth of new hair.

10) Amla oil is known as a natural product that helps in increasing the growth of facial hair. So massaging the skin with amla oil and then leaving it on the skin for 15-20 minutes and then rinsing it off with cold water, would enhance beard growth.

Now every now-leader who has the question of how to fasten and stimulate the growth of beard can follow these aforementioned things. In order to have faster and natural growth of facial hair, one needs to commit to the process; take proper rest, maintain a healthy diet, nourish the body from inside, observe correct skin care processes, etc. It is not easy to grow beard easily, but if these hints and tricks can be followed there would be guaranteed handsome mustaches and Burly beards.



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