Organic Healthy Soup Recipe: Homemade and Easy


Eating well is a matter of conscientiousness, discipline, and determination. The supermarket industry is powerful and has but one goal: to get you to purchase foods that will make them money and make you overweight and unhealthy.

The shelves of even the newest stores, some of which have branded themselves paragons of healthy foods, are filled with ready-to-eat meals and fat and corn syrup saturated products. These are kept in places in which it is easy for you to see them and be tempted by them.

As a busy person, as someone who is dedicated to doing the utmost to fulfill your tasks as a professional and as a parent, you are constantly pressed for time. It would be easier just to pick up something on the go, to grab one of the many packaged meals or snacks that can be quite tasty, but tend to lack the nutrients that you need in your daily diet.

There is a better way of living. If you are determined to live an organic lifestyle, you can learn a few recipes for meals that are not so difficult to make, that are filled with flavor and zest, and that will keep you to your promise of being healthy in what you eat.

The following is an excellent Organic Soup Recipie. It is bone broth and meat stock soup. Contrary to popular opinion—especially vegan opinion—meat and chicken are not all bad. The fact of the matter is that we, as human beings, are carnivorous. We have evolved to be meat-eating animals. The only thing to go wrong is the food industry that has emerged over the past hundred years. The chemicals and toxins they put in the meat and poultry that you find on the shelves are unhealthy.

However, the marrow bones, knuckles, and joints from organic pasture raised animals are nutritious and quite good for you. To get the most out of these foods you should alternate between grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, game, chicken, turkey or fish bones.

On that note, let us get on with the organic soup recipe.


-1 chicken whole or half (organic)

-3 carrots (organic)

-1 onion small or medium sized

-1 tbsp fresh dill

-1 tbsp parsley

-2 bay leaf (optional)

-1/2 tsp peppercorns

-Celtic Sea Salt to taste


1. Fill a large pot with water. Add all ingredients to the pot and bring to a boil. Let it come to a boiling point, remove the foam from top and discard. Cover and reduce heat to simmer. After 1.5 – 2 hours take out meat, leave bones and simmer an additional 1.5 – 3 hours. You may let it simmer even longer; the longer the time, the more nutrients the bones release.

2. Strain (or don’t). Eat, drink, freeze or use as stock in other recipes. Lasts a week in the fridge and 6 months in the freezer in these non-plastic trays.

3. During last 10 – 30 minutes of cooking, experiment with adding fresh or frozen vegetables. Peas, green beans, celery, cabbage, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet peppers, mushrooms, garlic; any soup appropriate vegetable will work. An egg goes great with the soup if it is tolerated.

Are you looking for an easy way to maintain a healthy, organic diet? See how this excellent Organic Soup Recipie can help you.


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