What is to be used for Post Cycle Therapy ?


Anavaris popularly taken to be the best and most friendly in the sphere of anabolic steroids that are circulated in the market and is used by the athletes and the bodybuilders especially. Its reputation as the best and friendly in use is because it is known to produce theleast  side effects on your body even if used for years . This  also highlights the fact that consuming this supplement might not lead you to taking the post cycle therapy regime. However Anvar is sometimes used in PCT. Post Cycle Therapy is also termed as the PCT .

Important information about PCT

  • Post cycle therapy is advisable in several different cases but in areas where minimum side effects is caused you need not undertake aPCT
  • PCT is the best known cure for the ill effects of the anabolic steroid administration
  • PCT allows your body to achieve normal hormonal condition within 21 days of use
  • In exceptional case it might take more than a year for the testosterone production in your body to get normal. To cure these exceptional problems it is beneficial that you undertake the PCT devotionally
  • PCT cycle works on the Luteinizing Hormones (LH) and the Follicle Stimulating Hormones (FSH) to bring about the desired curative effects
  • It works by compiling the hormones to relate and communicate with the testicles – male hormone producing organs in your body which is the center of testosterone production in your body and they act on it to result in the normalizing of your bodily hormones
  • Stabilized hormone levels is the key to lead a healthy life

Anvar and its details

When you browse through the internet regarding the information relating to the PCT instructions you might find yourself in a difficulty . The information provided by the internet will tell you about PCT that it consists of the SERM which is called the Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator whose principal agenda is to  result in the proper functioning of the Luteinizing Hormones and the Follicle Stimulating Hormones  . Many athletes are advised by the trainers to incorporate HCG or the hCG within the PCT cycles . Anavar is sometimes used in PCT .If you have decided or have actually only administered the single anavar cycle regime into your body  then you can keep these extras away from your PCT schedule and diet. You can also use the Clomid and Nolvadex for your achieving desired PCT results . It is advisable that you start your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) just after three days of having the last dosage of your steroid cycle . You can follow this therapy for a period of three to four weeks but is actually advisable that you take the advise of the doctor before you decide to take this follow up. It is generally advised that even if you undergo a single steroid regime you should decide confidently to take the PCT .If you have taken anavar for a span of a week to ten days you can easily skip the PCT that is required with it .


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