Why Synthetic Opal is fashion jewelry in the US?


Opal needs no introducing in today’s US fashion world as many fashion conscious young and old individuals understand its uses as jewelry. Opal Jewelry competes well in the fashion industry with other precious items used as pieces of jewelry. It is commonly used for all sort of fashion including body jewelry.


It’s fanciful colors attract people to opal. In its natural form gemstone is consider a mythical item but has gained acceptance as body ornament with the need for availability to meet its demand for fashion. The heightened demand for it led to synthetic opal. The silica gem, also known as nature firework stone, has the charm that attracts fashion lovers to wanting it for various fashion needs.


Why do you need synthetic opal jewelry?

To begin with, a synthetic opal is man-made opal also called lab opal. It is produced to look exactly like nature opal, and you bet it has the same value and worth as natural opal. But it comes with more advantages than the natural variety for our fashion industry. Unlike its natural cousins, synthetic opal has the benefit of uniformity of production just like we have with other precious stones out there.


One reason many fashion-aware individuals need fashion opal is due to its colorful composition. Interestingly, most misguided myths about opal jewelry have been busted to further strengthens trusts for the gemstone as a worthy item to spend their money to acquire.


  • A good luck stone. Opal in Greek and roman mythology and Egyptian culture is known to bring good luck. It is also thought of as possessing mystical beauty which promotes good fortune for anyone wearing it as jewelry whether on the neck or as a bracelet. During a wedding, it is thought of as bringing good home for the new couples.
  • Opal fashion never fades. Synthetic opal is just as durable as the natural variety. Opal color is a precision engineered stacking of molecules, and these delicately arranged molecules cause light diffract to produce myriad of colors which makes it a firestone. Thus opal jewelry is durable and great value for money.
  • It’s unique. Individuals who own synthetic opal see it as something personal because of the spiritual connection of luck. In the past, nature opal is thought of as birthstone like for some gemstones, but the advent of synthetic opal gives more individuals the opportunity to own it.
  • The interesting thing about fashion is the desire to make a statement. Every fashion statement conveys the individual’s uniqueness to be different in a million. The fact that synthetic opal is available in different colors makes it a great attraction of jewelry collections. You also have it in various forms such as bracelets, earrings, lockets and neck chains. There are some for cloth and bags accessories among other.
  • Synthetic opal has a cost advantage over its natural cousins. For anyone wanting to upgrade their fashion statement with fashion opal or opal jewelry, it is more affordable than the natural type which is in short supply both in quantity and type.


Tips for buying Synthetic Opal jewelry on the internet

Today, you can buy anything online provided you know what you want. If you are considering a piece of synthetic opal jewelry and you would like to buy on the internet, the following tips will help.

  • Do your homework. The first step is to know what you want. The best advice is to research about synthetic opal and learn the basics before commencing your shopping. You may start with Google or go directly to any site offering information on synthetic opal like this one.
  • Decide on what you want. One thing that can be confusing if you don’t have the right information about the firestone is the abundance of choices available. But this is an advantage for you if you have done your homework correctly.
  • Buy from trusted and secure store. Spending your money on opal jewelry should come with caution and care to deal with the right seller. Buying from a trustworthy store will guarantee quality firestone you will be glad to have.
  • Do not be deceived. Synthetic opal is just as good as natural opal. The painstaking lab work invested in manufacturing synthetic opal makes it a trusted version of its natural cousins don’t let anyone fool you about the difference in quality which may lead to extortion in price.
  • Make your selection. After you have determined you are dealing with the right store and have adequate information on what you want, it’s time to select the type and color of opal you want. Then proceed to pay for the item for onward delivery to your shipping address.
  • Use secure payment. When buying opal online, be sure to use a secure payment system to guarantee a successful transaction.


If you are buying from a store outside the states (it’s best to look for stores serving the US market first) make sure you understand their refund of return policy to be sure you will be covered just in case. Whatever the event or use, synthetic opal will have something nice for you.


If you need more information on synthetic opal or you need to remove any shadow of doubt regarding anything, you can contact us here if you need help. We will be glad to assist you with whatever you want concerning opal in the US.


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