Which DNA Testing Companies Should You Consider For Paternity Testing


Paternity tests have been used by a few afternoon talk shows to prove who the father is. The most common reason why they broadcast these results is to stir up drama, but that isn’t the only reason why paternity tests are used. There are times where the court requires paternity test results to determine a verdict or simply because a child is curious to know who their father is. Whatever the reason may be, there are several DNA testing options you can look into for paternity testing. Here are some of them:

1. DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC)
The laboratory of DDC is located in the US, but they promise results within just 3 days after samples are received. The company offers paternity DNA testing kits that are very accurate and precise. DDC has been offering their services since the 1990’s which means they are reliable and trusted. Individuals are tasked with the simple collection of genetic samples and the kit is sent back to the lab for testing. After a short wait you get the results and peace of mind that it offers.

2. easyDNA
This is another great DNA testing options worth looking into. They provide accurate results within 3 to 5 days after samples are received at the laboratory in the US. The home paternity test is comes with easy to follow sample collection instructions. Once all the samples are gathered they are sent for testing and you wait for the results to arrive. Results are sent through email unless specifically asked to be sent by package which means you get the results faster.

easyDNA also offers prenatal paternity testing options for mothers and alleged fathers to get their peace of mind before the baby is even born. These tests are no risk and non-invasive which means it is safe for mother and baby. This allows testing as early as 9 weeks after conception. A great option to look into in the days or early pregnancy.

3. AlphaBiolabs
AlphaBiolabs offers one of the fastest results for residents living in the UK. Residents in the area can have their results within the day and they are considered as the most popular DNA testing kit in the UK. The DNA kits are sent in a discreet package to ensure full privacy. Kits have an easy to follow sample collection instruction manual and requires samples from alleged father, baby, and mother to have accurate results.

4. International Biosciences
This is a DNA laboratory located in the US and promises results within 1 week. They offer a prenatal paternity testing option that is a safe and non-invasive paternity testing for pregnant women looking to find out who the father of her baby is and results are 99.9% accurate. Another option they offer is a home paternity testing kit which is significantly cheaper and results are ready after just 4 working days from submitting the samples.

Whether you prefer home paternity testing kits or a prenatal paternity test there are different DNA testing options you can check to give you peace of mind when it comes to the biological father of your child. These are all non-invasive and safe tests that provide accurate results in just days.

What are your DNA testing options? Whether you want DNA testing for ancestry tracing, paternity testing, or a quick health check, let our team at www.dnatesting.co guide you.


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