Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas You Can Try


Cabinet refacing is an option that you can consider when you want to remodel your kitchen. If you want to save money and still make use of your existing cabinets, refacing is the best deal. In this way, you don’t have to remove your old cabinets, but you can just repair them and make them look new again. Here are some of the kitchen cabinet refacing steps that you can try to do in your homes.

Paint it

Painting is a good option. It does not only give your kitchen cabinets a brand new look, but it revamps your kitchen and make them entirely new. It is one of the alternatives to beautify your kitchen cabinets. You can paint them with different colors of your choice and you can also repaint the walls to complement your kitchen cabinet’s new look.

Make it darker

Making your cabinets a bit darker over its original color could complement your kitchen cabinets and transform them as well. You can use a stain that’s a shade darker or even glaze to add more style and design. Also, you don’t have to do a lot of things to it, but the benefits such as the depth and richness of the color to replace the dull colors are worth the effort. Also, you can try to use polyshades, it provides a polyurethane finish and the colors are blended in.

Make it Lighter

The color of your cabinets depends solely on your own preference. If you prefer a lighter tone over a darker color, it could be done. You get rid of the old finish by simply sanding the cabinet. After sanding the cabinets, you can apply a light stain then follow it up with a clear coat the cabinets to make them brighter.

Other Options

You can give the face frames by applying veneer to your kitchen cabinets. If you decide to do cabinet refacing, it is ideal to also change the side panels, get new drawers, replace the doors and even the drawer fronts. One of the benefits of refacing and replacing cabinet doors is that you achieve a new look without the need to spend a fortune. You can also get a cherry veneer because it works well with oak and while you are at it, get cherry doors to complement the rest of your cabinets.

Finding different styles or materials is easy because there are so many suppliers who can provide a ton of wood choices. Besides cherry, you can use oak, walnut, maple, hickory, ash, mahogany, among other options. If you want the not-so-easy to find materials, some suppliers do provide them, but at a premium value.

Changing the appearance of your kitchen does not have to be pricey. As you upgrade your kitchen, remember to ensure that the kitchen would be changed in terms of style and design. You can redo your kitchen with cabinet refacing. It is less costly and you don’t have to purchase new sets of cabinets because refinishing them is one of the most affordable and simplest ways to upgrade your kitchen’s appearance.

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